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What Is A Consult/Coach?

A consultant is a professional that is able to offer expert advice tailored to your business and needs. A coach helps an owner clarify their vision and goals. A coach’s goal is to help take a business from where it is now to where it wants to be.

Is Coaching a Type of Therapy?

Therapy and coaching are very different concepts. Therapy is focused on mental and emotional healing and should only be done by a professional therapist. Coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals, both business and personal.

Is a podcast marketing consultant right for me?

If you feel you’re ready to treat your podcast like a real business, hiring consultants can help you grow and attract audience much faster and greatly increase your chance to meet your dreams.

How Does One Become Podcast Marketer?

Podcast marketing is a concept just like any other business discipline. It takes studying, testing, and making mistakes. The more education you have, the more you immerse yourself in all aspects of digital marketing and podcasting, the more equipped you are to be a podcast marketer. Who knows? Maybe one day you can join ThePodcastProfs as

Free Consultation

One-on-One sessions are focused on your needs and desires as a podcaster and how to make the most of marketing your brand via digital and social media marketing techniques. We teach you how to achieve your podcast goals rather than simply sell you a package that (not really) does it for you.


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