Microphone drawing for the 2021 Podcast RSS Feed Directory

Podcast Directory List 2022

Microphone drawing for the 2021 Podcast RSS Feed Directory

Do you need to submit your RSS feed to every podcast directory out there?

The answer is, “no”, you don’t need to submit to every podcast directory (but it is worth your effort if you want the best chance to reaching a larger audience).  If you submit to the BIG 8, your show will be where 99% of the podcast listeners are. The BIG 8 are Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, and Pandora (although an argument can be made that Amazon Music should be on this list to make it the BIG 9.

I would also argue that YouTube should be included (although not a traditional directory)

rounding us out at THE BIG 10. 

The other 43 on this list are considered minor players, yet as a podcast producer, I would never let an opportunity slip by. I suggest submitting to all these directories to get the most exposure possible. I can’t tell you how many times when I have been asked where to find my podcasts and I mentioned Apple Podcasts, the response has been “I don’t like Apple” or “I only listen to podcasts on Pocketcasts”. The point is every platform has its supporters and haters. Why not cover your bases and submit your RSS feed to all of them? it costs you nothing but a little time. Sure it’s a lot of work initially, but after you’ve done it, you don’t need to go back and do it again.

Podcast Directory List

1.     Acast

2.     Addmypodcast.com

3.     Amazon Music

4.     AnyPod

5.     Apple Podcasts

6.     Audacy

7.     Audible

8.     Audioburst

9.     Audioboom

10.  BluBrry

11.  Breaker

12.  Bullhorn

13.  Castbox

14.  Castro

15.  Deezer

16.  Digital Podcast

17.  Fydd

18.  Gaana

19.  Goodpods

20.  Google Podcasts

21.  iHeart Radio

22.  iVoox

23.  Learn Out Loud

24.  Libsyn/Podcast Source

25.  Listen Notes

26.  ListenApp

27.  Pandora

28.  Player FM

29.  Plex

30.  PocketCasts

31.  Podbean

32.  Podcast Addict

33.  Podcast Gang

34.  Podcast Index

35.  PodChaser

36.  Podhero

37.  PodHound

38.  Podknife

39.  PodLP

40.  Podomatic

41.  PodRoom

42.  Podyssey

43.  RadioPublic

44.  Samsung Podcasts

45.  Shequonomi

46.  Soundcloud

47.  Spotify

48.  Spreaker

49.  Stitcher

50.  The Podcast App

51.  TuneIn Radio

52.  Vurbl

53.  Women in Podcasting

Podcast Directories that automatically add your podcast. Submission not necessary:

If I missed any on this list, let me know. I plan to update this as often as necessary.

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