About Rob Southgate

Rob Southgate is the founder of ThePodcastProfs and co-founder of Southgate Media Group (SMG). Rob has had various careers throughout his life, both in the creative world, education sector, and the business sector.

Currently, Rob is a professor of digital marketing, communications, and consumer behavior. He is a professional voice-over actor, a consultant, and content creator.

For the last nine years, Rob has launched, hosted, and executive produced 125+ podcasts.

Rob loves sharing ideas and networking. He immerses himself in leadership and business development and has a strong passion for empowering others.

Rob is an entrepreneur with two Bachelors degrees in business (science of management and science of marketing) and an MBA in Marketing. In his Master’s Thesis, he successfully argued that you don’t need to be a celebrity to be a successful podcaster.

My Passion

Two things I have been obsessed with for the bulk of my life are podcasting and marketing. When I was a kid, podcasting did not exist so I found myself recording my own “shows” into my first tape recorder. If a kid does this today, it’s a podcast. Back then, it was me pretending I had a radio show. When podcasts finally became a reality, I could not get enough. I would listen to every show I could find, regardless of the subject. It was the creativity and passion for communicating ideas that lit me up. I started dreaming of starting my own podcast and mapping the ways I could market it. Regardless to say, I started podcasting not long after discovering the medium, and shortly after that my wife and I started our own podcast network.

Having a network allowed me explore marketing in a number of different forms. My passion for marketing took over and eventually lead to an MBA in marketing. I did not get the MBA to make more money at a 9 to 5 job, I did it to gain knowledge. Knowledge that I could apply to my network and to building my podcast business at the highest level possible.

My third and not so secret passion is teaching. I love to share what I know and to help small businesses become the best they can be.

When I started as a podcaster, I had a million questions. I wanted to know not only how to make a podcast, but how to get real engagment with listeners. I wanted to know how to use social media effectively, how to use email to market, and how to get the most out of my website (spoiler: work that SEO). What I found was a lot of confusing information, and in some cases incorrect information. It took me years of studying, testing, asking, and doing (including a fair amoung of failing) to become a podcast marketing consultant. Even as a college professor of digital marketing and owner of one of the largest podcast networks in the world, I still learn every day so I can truly understand podcast marketing and so I can share the highest quality knowledge with the podcast entrepreneurs that hire me to help them.

My Goals

From the beginning, I have dreamed of helping others achieve their goals. I have a true passion for helping podcasters understand how to market their shows and to get everything they want out of podcasting. Podcasting has given so much to my family and to me, I want to give back.

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