5 Tricks to Build a Better Podcast

5 Tricks to Build a Better Podcast

Here’s the great news, using these 5 tricks to build a better podcast, even if you’ve posted 300 episodes, you can go back and make improvements that can have profound effects to grow your audience.  Of course, it will take more time to fix and update 300 episodes than the podcast that is posting its very first, but don’t let that hold you back!  There is low-hanging fruit that you can still grab.

For some reason, many podcasters create their content, copy and paste their show notes, and call it a day.  I’ve been guilty of this myself.  It may be that we get lazy about it, or that we’re so busy we don’t take the time for what feels like the mundane tasks. 


Here are 5 actions you can take right now to build a better podcast

    1. Write more descriptive titles for your podcast episodes
    2. Improve your podcast show notes 
    3. Create good looking episode art
    4. Tighten your intro and outro
    5. Write a great podcast show description (be sure to include keywords)

Time to improve your podcast!

It doesn’t matter if you have been podcasting for years or are just getting started, we can all make improvements to how our show is presented.  It’s easy to start believing that these things don’t matter as they are somewhat invisible on the podcasts you already subscribe to.  But that’s the point – you already found those shows and subscribe.  What about all the people that have never heard of your podcast whose only exposure is when they search Google, scroll past it on Spotify, or see it shared in a social media post? If they see an enticing show title, they are more likely to try the show.  If they type in a search for a podcast about their niche interest, it is more likely to pop up if the show description has the same keywords.  In other words, your show needs curb appeal and these 5 actions are how you can improve it for your show.



For some of you, this list is enough to inspire you to make changes. Awesome!  Make it happen!!! 



For others, you might be asking, “How do I do this?” If you fall into that second group, be sure to sign up for my email list. I’ll start sending out emails with more detailed descriptions of each action starting next week. 

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